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Essential Fish - short course

If you want to get the hang of preparing and cooking fish, then this course will is a great introduction.  You will learn how to gut a fish and will then fillet your own fish, before making a selection of accompaniments and cooking your fillets.

The species of fish used during the course will vary by season but are chosen to give you a good opportunity to learn useful skills and recipes.  

If you are going on a fishing trip you are also welcome to bring your catch with you to cook.

The course ends with the chance to try your creations.  You are welcome to bring drinks to enjoy with your fish.  We have glasses and just ask that you take your empties away with you.

2 hour course (11am - 1pm or 3pm - 5pm)

Price - £25 per person

Bookings normally close 24hrs before the course start time

Please refer to our course calendar for dates, availability and to book

Essential Fish

Typical day structure:

Intro - Discuss fish sourcing, quality and sustainability

Fish gutting demo

Fillet a fish yourself

Make sauces and accompaniments

Cook your fish

Sample your creations


Fish cookery course