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Game & Seasonal Inspiration

One of the challenges and joys of cooking is embracing the changes of the season and making the most of seasonal ingredients, and between September and February this means game. This course gives you the opportunity explore ways to prepare and cook various types of game in different ways and also brings in other seasonal ingredients to create accompaniments and desserts.  In addition, we will use wild, foraged foods when available.

Each course will be different but you will typically prepare partridge, pigeon, pheasant, venison and rabbit and incorporate them in to dishes such as roasts, braises, risottos, salads and pasta sauces. Through these dishes you will learn how to prepare raw game and how to get the best out of it, avoiding the dryness and toughness that often puts people off cooking game.  All of our game is normally plucked or skinned and drawn already.

You will leave with a fresh set of ideas to help you cook more seasonally, a broader repertoire of dishes, plus a folder of notes and recipes.

The course is an intimate event, with a maximum of six people, and is held in our dedicated "cookery barn", a beautiful stone building across the yard from our bed and breakfast. Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included.

One day course (10am - 5pm) including lunch

Price - £125 per person

Please refer to our course calendar for dates, availability and to book.


Typical day structure:

Discussion about seasonality and game

Preparing raw game

Make stocks and braises


Make a Tarte Tatin

Make partridge and porcini fettucini


Make seasonal dessert

Prepare accompaniments for game dishes


Cook game various ways

Sampling session

Chanterelles ceps wild game cookery course